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Better teamwork results
Once you as a leader try various approaches to motivation, Human Resources politics, organization, team-building and company culture development, you may realize that when it comes to team productivity things get out of control, no matter how hard you try to handle it.

And sometimes, what gets out of control is crucial for the company's success.

Let's call it the Human Factor. Human Factor can be controlled to a very limited extent.

Applied Meditation method allows to control results and productivity in the areas where uncontrollable Human Factor is essential.

In Applied Meditation approach we reveal and nurture natural talents of each individual. People are the most efficient when they operate in alignment with their natural personality. Development of natural abilities through Applied Meditation creates a team of brilliant naturally motivated individuals.

When people do what they are naturally good at, they tend to create natural symbiosis with others, and compensate each other's weaknesses with little external coordination.

People also become generally happier, more satisfied with their lives and more loyal to the team when collaborating efficiently.

Applied Meditation helps find and eliminate time and energy wasters without enforcing anything, both in individuals and in a team as a whole.
Improve relations among employees
You can have every process perfectly set up, everything planned and provided for, and be preparing to enjoy the work being well done…and one interpersonal conflict will ruin it all. People are people after all.

You can feel that passive aggression and resentment hanging in the air. This elephant in the room makes it terrible to even be just present in the office, forget about productive teamwork and finding creative solutions.

In many cases it is impossible to solve a conflict without uncomfortable intrusion into the forbidden area of personal space. You are not there to tell your team to share the toys and be nice to each other, right?

Way too often such emotional conflicts are hidden behind general politeness, and are rarely addressed due to lack of conflict-solving skills and competence on such matters. With all the irritation and resentment piling "under the carpet", such situations, should, by no means, be ignored.

Applied Meditation is a reliable tool for solving emotional conflicts within a team in a corporate environment. Instead of keeping kicking the can down the road, managers need to address interpersonal corporate conflicts; however, it needs to be done with caution.

We do not tell people what to do, how to behave, or how to feel. We do not try to force politeness and correctness in emotionally charged situations.

We help each party in the conflict address inner emotional processes gently and privately, and heal from within.

Such attention to emotional processes creates clarity, better understanding of the other side, inner comfort, compassion, and eliminates protective behavior.

People are made to be good to each other. Applied Meditation helps to return to that natural cooperation and healthy relationships.
Enhance selling skills and call center efficiency
There is no need to discuss the importance of skillful sales for businesses.

If you are running a business, and you have representatives and a call center, you probably know that people who talk to potential and current clients directly are a crucial link in the whole business operation.

Nasty, awkward, and annoying calls by scripts are just a sign of bad taste and poor customer service for any modern company. Not only are those ineffective, create bad image of the company, they also cause constant stress for the callers. It is just not good for your health to regularly talk to people who are not willing to talk to you, and to do it for a living.

Human connection and authentic engaging conversations are the keys to quality customer service and big sales. You can train people how to run authentic conversations, how to listen, how to engage…but these are impossible to implement until some shifts happen within.

You cannot fake authenticity, you cannot engage if you are not engaged, you cannot listen and hear important cues if you are not open to communication.

Applied Meditation method helps to initiate shifts within an individual, discover your employees' unique authentic style of engaging other people, and establish basis for conducting healthy, natural and effective customer service operations, cold calls, and sales conversations.
Create stronger leadership
Leader is not an assignment or not a title. Leadership qualities do not suddenly emerge once you are in charge of a team or a company.

The misconception that leadership implies some particular qualities and behavior is in the way of enjoying effective leadership.

Everyone has their own unique leadership style which, once cultivated, comes up later on without an effort, and proves to be more effective than any other leadership models derived from other people.

Applied Meditation method reveals the leadership style unique to you, and helps to cultivate it in your everyday behavior. It helps to establish authentic communication with your team from a leadership position without reinforcing the subordination. It addresses particular issues you may come across in your leadership role, such as making difficult choices, coming up with hard decisions, or ruling out controversial situations.
Train charismatic speakers and representatives
Someone giving a speech or presentation who is obviously trying to impress the public is usually far from impressive.

You can put together a great speech or presentation, but what really matters is how you show up. As humans, we evolved to engage with other humans using non-verbal communication cues first of all.

The impression we get about another person from those non-verbal cues is consciously and subconsciously stronger than the impression we may get from the content this person is presenting, or from a company that is being represented.

Charisma of your representatives, i.e. how natural and engaging, how human and authentic they are, is absolutely paramount if you bet on presentations and speaking engagements for your company's success.

Applied Meditation method is designed to reveal and cultivate everyone's unique authentic style that is natural to a person and does not require to learn any fake charisma tricks.

It also helps to manage public speaking anxiety, and enables one to set their mind to speak freely yet effectively, to engage with larger audiences, to inspire, and to create unforgettable impression of a company they represent.
Reduce stress and anxiety at work
There is another common misconception that primary effect of meditation is relaxation and stress management. That is not untrue.

However, meditation is a way deeper practice that addresses a wide array of practical everyday life issues.

The problem is usually identified when one finds them unable to meditate while being under stress. You feel time pressure, you feel that you need to act, and when you sit down to meditate, anxious thoughts just pile up in your head making it impossible to relax and concentrate on the meditation itself. It is very natural though.

Applied Meditation is designed to address stress and anxiety after they already set in.

It is accomplished through following a clear, step-by-step algorithm. This algorithm involves working primarily with the body gradually reducing anxiety through relieving muscle tension and going deeper into quieting the mind and creating state of balance and bliss. The success of this practice is achieved by addressing the situations that cause anxiety in a practical way, finding solutions and ways to implement them while remaining calm and joyful within.
Boost creativity and efficient problem solving
The importance of a creative approach to problem-solving and out-of-the box thinking cannot be overestimated. It is a huge leverage in most business areas.

However, nobody can become more creative just by knowing how beneficial creativity is.

"Think creatively" they say… and nobody says how to do it. Can you just order your mind to switch into creative mode? Usually not.

There are many factors that naturally impede creativity: we hear many narratives about "the right and the wrong", we are scared of looking silly, we are stuck with the approaches that have worked so far, but might not be efficient anymore, we are too pressured by authority and competition, and we often cannot see the situation clearly and find the nuances. All these factors obstruct the creativity flow.

Applied Meditation method is designed to kick start the creative processes in the brain, and to transform chaotic thinking into creative flow.

It helps to overcome the fear of being ridiculed usually associated with creative thinking and presenting unconventional solutions.

It also helps to trigger creative process "on demand", and to obtain energy, objectivity and clarity for effective implementation of creative solutions.
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