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Improve my relationships
Relationship issues with children, partners, friends, coworkers, and other people can significantly affect anyone's life. Most people see their relationships with others as one of the main factors impacting their life quality. It is not uncommon for people affected by a relationship issue to become vulnerable and feel depressed.

Counselors and other specialists practicing conventional approaches to resolving relationship problems would rather suggest trying to influence the other person and persuade them to change. It is way less common for specialists to provide guidance on how one can change oneself and, thus, motivate the other person to change as well.

However, neither of the above is easy to achieve, and most of the time the outcome is not worth the effort. It is nearly impossible to force someone's or your own behavior to change. Temporary success is possible, but life with forced behavior becomes hard in the long run.

Addressing one's own condition carefully and with the help of a qualified professional can be effective enough though, as most of our relationship issues stem from our emotional state.

We all have experiences, habits, and patterns that we project on other people and situations, and suffer when those others do not comply with our expectations.

We feel hurt, and we fall victims of pain and offense, but we do not usually realize that the pain originates from within. The good news is: we have full access to mechanisms that can control it.

We long for more joy from our relationships as we become attached to people and situations, but we need to understand that the joy also comes from within. We can create as much joy as we wish without forcing people and situations be the way we want them to.

When we manage to control our own emotional and mental state, we can obtain relationships that we want. Our relationships become a reflection of our inner state.

Applied Meditation Method is specifically designed to address our inner state, to enable us to own and control our emotions without suppression and denial, and to become the source of the relationships we want to have in our life.

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Be more focused and productive
Focus is the key to productivity, and, thus, better results in life.

However, nowadays our attention span is too short due to many things around us designed to hijack our attention.

Social media, text messaging, television, YouTube, our own thoughts and worries, the FOMO (fear of missing out), and many other factors make it almost impossible to enjoy natural flow of creative work and its results.

Besides, the inner sabotage based on fears and avoidance pushes us even further towards procrastination and the joy of immediate rewards of scrolling down a news feed or shooting angry birds.

Before I started practicing Applied Meditation, I used to think that focus means hard work and deprivation of all good things. Applied Meditation sessions revealed, however, that the state of focus and flow that comes with it is such a rewarding and blissful experience that no small distractions can beat it.

Every so often anyone can accidently catch that flow. Applied Meditation techniques are designed to train people how to bring on and hold onto that focus and, as a result, productivity. This method teaches how to enable you to create the state of the flow and blissful concentration whenever you need it.

Through this program specifically designed for you, you will learn how to manage your own focus and concentration, and achieve results that would be impossible otherwise much faster.

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Boost creativity and problem solving skills
Creativity is often confused with extravagant self-expression. This is not so, as these are not the same things.

If we are only concerned about self-expression, we can never change anything in life, work, business, and other aspects of life. We are all born creative, but most of us unlearn creativity.

So every time life happens not the way we expect it to, we either feel paralyzed and depressed, or we hustle in vain, producing solutions that simply do not work.

Furthermore, the world of today requires more and more creativity for professional and personal success. Creativity is one of the few human traits that machines cannot replace at workplaces. Thus, creativity is becoming an important and valuable asset.

And after all, don't we all admire people who have and reveal their creative side, honestly?

Have we forgotten that utter joy of creating something new as we were kids?

Creativity is a part of being a human, something that makes us different from other species.

Applied Meditation program sees the two main keys to revealing one's inner creativity. These are being able to alienate yourself from outer and inner distractions, and the ability to find that blissful state of flow and concentrate on manifesting your creativity, no matter whether it is going to be conventional or not.

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Lose weight and be healthy
There is an old misconception about achieving good health and fitness which implies that all you need is to mobilize your willpower, eat and exercise in a certain way.

As a fitness fanatic and a fitness trainer in the past, I was exposed to this misconception for a long time, and, thus, to the problems that it causes for people. The bodyweight issue has been oversimplified.

The reality is that fat accumulation, muscle development, and cardiovascular performance are complicated processes driven by a variety of factors.

The major factors are stress and high levels of cortisol. When we are stressed, we tend to overeat, and we make less healthy food choices because we lean towards comfort food which is usually unhealthy. When we are stressed, our metabolism changes. A body under stress accumulates more fat, especially in abdominal area, and destroys more muscles. Metabolism slows down, and we become less active and more vulnerable to viruses.

When I use Applied Meditation for health and fitness related objectives, I work on removing stress factors in the first turn.

We also work on becoming sensitive to the food we eat, developing intuitive approach to nutrition, feeling satiation before overeating happens, and choosing physical activities that are more effective and natural for each particular body.

We focus on inducing natural joy of life which would make it unnecessary to derive pleasure from food. Self-appreciation and healthy body image result from this approach naturally. It is important to take care of your body not in order to be able to love it, but because you love it. This approach creates fundamentally different level and quality of weight-loss and fitness process.
Enhance rest and sleep
Many serious problems in people's lives - from health issues to relationship dramas - stem from one simple factor: not getting enough sleep and rest.

Simply sleeping longer hours is not a solution. In most cases, it is simply impossible taken the pace of modern life.

Many people have enough time for sleep, but they just cannot take advantage of it because of insomnia. Many people feel tired no matter how long they sleep because the quality of their sleep is compromised.

Besides, we cannot just work and sleep; rest implies doing things you love, such as spending time with family, physical activities, hobbies, and so on. In increasing number of cases people can do things that can be defined as "rest", but they do not feel rested at all because of the background anxiety that constantly bothers them.

Lack of sleep and rest can cause reduced productivity, irritability, frequent illnesses, heart problems, overeating, depression, and other issues.

In Applied Meditation sessions we define the factors and processes that impede healthy rest and sleep, and remove them through specifically designed practices.

The very first effect from Applied Meditation that most clients report is better quality of sleep and rest. It is due to the special relaxation techniques that relieve excessive tension that makes proper rest impossible.

We address the roots of anxiety, troubling thoughts, irritability and fears. By addressing the above issues carefully one by one, we return the bliss of a really good rest regardless of the circumstances.
Reduce stress and anxiety
In modern life it is almost impossible to avoid stress and not to develop anxiety as there are too many problems, tasks, and responsibilities calling for your attention. It is usually accompanied by not enough rest and sleep. To make things even worse, these stress factors are most of the time completely out of our control and cannot be predicted. We are lacking natural joy of life.

Our stress comes from our fears, thoughts and negative narratives spinning in vicious circles in our heads. Our brain latches on a negative experience, a task, or a problem, and creates a never ending story that puts our body in a perpetual "fight or flight" mode.

Eventually, bad stories turn into physiological changes. Stress and anxiety are no longer about "thinking negatively". They become hard-wired in the body, destroying you from within.

Applied Meditation method is designed to understand the nature of your stress and anxiety, identify the physiological "triggers", remove them, and train your mind to productively deal with your everyday tasks and cope with hardships without the destructive influence of chronic stress.
Recover from a bad experience
Life happens. It does. We cannot avoid some bad events in life. Loss of close ones, illnesses, break-ups, betrayals, and other negative occurrences emerge, most of the time unexpectedly. And even when it seems that the initial pain is gone, there are those hidden psychological consequences that are even more destructive.

The good news is that we can actually avoid unnecessary pain, and we can find as much comfort as possible in given circumstances to keep going, as long as we learn how to prevent that trauma from affecting our further lives, mental state, and health.

It is absolutely necessary to be able to deal with bad experiences in life, simply because we are all vulnerable to them.

Applied Meditation is an effective tool for recovery from bad experiences. It helps to cope with all the accompanying emotions and reactions in a healthy way. It helps to see and experience life beyond the bad experience, without denial or avoidance.

Applied Meditation is designed to prevent long-term harm on body and mind that tragic events or bad experiences usually cause when not properly addressed.

What is important about dealing with bad experiences is that we let them cease, and learn how to heal and not to let them impact our further life.
Prevent depression and live joyful life
Depression is a serious illness of the modern time.

Taken for just laziness, or bad mood by those not affected by it, depression is not something that can be overcome by activating your willpower.

Depression is a physiological change in the nervous system. A depressed person sees the world and life in dark colors, and cannot help it.

Loss of motivation, insomnia, tiredness, unwillingness to get up in the morning and act, sorrow and pessimism, inability to enjoy life are all symptoms of depression.

In general, depression is caused by the "bad stories" that our mind tells to the body. The body believes these "bad stories" and adjusts the physiological processes accordingly.

If you lose motivation, have hard times waking up in the morning and getting to work, feel that the whole world is against you, you may have depression - a physiological process, and you cannot talk yourself out of it. A mere walk in the woods, or a chamomile tea will not help either.

Applied Meditation is designed to remove the "bad stories" from your head, to free your body from depressive reactions, and to refocus your perception so that joy and vitality can enter your body and your mind.

It works both when you just have "a bad mood", and when you are diagnosed with clinical depression, along with medical treatment.

Applied Meditation serves as some sort of "switch" that you can turn on and feel the joy of life again, vitality and new waves of natural motivation to live and create.
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