Signature Self-Realization Program by Olga Reinholdt
Once you master your THING you become successful in your own authentic way.
The THING Program may be worth your attention if:

  • You tried a few approaches to achieving success in areas that matter to you, but failed.
  • You succeeded due to your discipline and stubbornness, only to find out that money and achievements didn't bring you the happiness and left you empty inside.
  • You noticed that you keep paying trainers, coaches, marketing gurus, but instead of motivation, solutions, and empowerment all you get is repulsion and loathing towards your own projects.

Which makes you think there is something wrong with you, or with your project.

I have good news. There's really nothing wrong with you.

When we look for money, recognition, success, what we really look for is self-realization. Unlike external "success" self-realization is what brings us deep experience of satisfaction and fulfillment. Self-realization is not something you can learn from others or achieve by following somebody else's steps. Self-realization is only possible when you find your own THING.

The THING is a reflection of your true Self and an intimate familiarity with it.

Once you master your THING it becomes easy to

  • Build relationships
  • Spread your ideas
  • Communicate with others
  • Find clients, audience and soulmates
The THING Program

Stage 1: Breakthrough into The THING
Stage 2: Manifesting The THING in life
Stage 3: Implementing The THING and changing your life

Stage 1: Breakthrough into The THING
Any substantial breakthrough starts with a dramatic breakdown. A crisis if properly handled, opens possibility for self-realization.
How do you know you are ready for a breakthrough?

When you experience a breakdown.
Breakdowns always precede breakthroughs. Breakdowns drive growth.
That's why when a client comes to me with a major breakdown, I know that we will be working on a major breakthrough.

During this 1.5 hour one-on-one session we:

  • Analyze the breakdown
  • Find what causes it
  • Find the breakthrough that it offers
  • Identify your THING
  • Develop strategies and practices to move from the breakdown to breakthrough
  • Develop steps to implement in your life or business to achieve actual desired results

Price: $450
Stage 2: Manifesting The THING in the context of your life
Personal brand is not a beautiful mask with agenda. It is how your Self manifests in the given context of life.
So many people attempt to build a personal brand and most fail because they don't really use the most important resources - their own personality.
And because they don't realize that Personal Brand is not a "beautiful mask that everyone will like". It is manifestation of your true Self in the relevant context.

The THING approach is designed to cultivate your authentic personality into authentic personal brand.

The package consists of 6 one-on-one sessions:

  1. Analyse what is going on with you personal brand
  2. Dig deep: identify what makes you stand out as a personal brand
  3. Identify your target audience and niche
  4. Develop a strategy for personal brand development
  5. Action planning
  6. Check in after implementation of the first steps and make corrections to the strategy

Price: $2400

Stage 3: Implementing The THING
Resistance to implementing The THING in real life is only natural.
Now that you know your THING, you are ready to make it an integral part of your life.

It's not going to be easy.

Your mind will resist, your surrounding will resist.

You will have tools and strategies designed specially for you during the previous stages to overcome the resistance and fears.

However, if you want to go deeper and have reliable support through this journey, you can opt for 3 months of coaching with me.

12 sessions, 1 hour each, once per week for 3 months.
Price: $ 4000
Applied Meditation Practice
Self-Realization is the inner journey.
Applied Meditation is a technique that I developed for my clients to aid the on the path of Self-Realization.

Finding and cultivating the THING can be an overwhelming experience.

Your body and mind must be properly prepared for it!

Finding the THING is not external work - it is internal journey, and it takes persistence, discipline and proper approach.

Applied Meditation technique is designed to help:

  • Find answers within
  • Establish peace in thoughts and emotions
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen the body
  • Cultivate understanding of Self
  • Defy fears and maleficence

Applied Meditation Classes are currently run as regular Classes in Fredericksburg VA, and can be organized as workshops and retreats in your location.

Email for inquiries.

Program Author
Author of the THING - Olga Reinholdt. Photo credit
Hi! I'm Olga Reinholdt, and I'm the author of The THING.

I've been an entrepreneur since 2009, when I started getting side gigs in technical translation industry, where I worked as a full-time in-house translator for international projects.

Those gigs gave me the sense of freedom and accomplishment, so I thought being self-employed was so easy. Little did I know.

I quit my job in 2012, and then the real game began. Being self-employed turned out to be a trial of my values, my strengths, and my commitment to being true to myself. I learned the frustration, the fear, the burnout of someone constantly trying to prove one's own value to people who rarely care.

In 2015 I moved to the USA, and also learned what it means to be "a legal alien", to start the whole life from scratch. Language was not a problem, I speak fluent English, but my self-identification was brutally challenged.

I joined Life-Coaching Training program that year, and I'm still not sure whether it was done to learn a profession, or to help myself in the first place. I learned then that no matter how cute the "unicorns" were at the utopian training sessions, creating a real profitable business in life-coaching was tough. It seems like I was just climbing up the levels of being "not enough" until I couldn't have it any more.

I stopped. I listened to myself. I asked myself the hard question: "Are you actually happy and fulfilled doing it?"

I wasn't.

I stopped trying to create a business, and started looking for the place where I'm happy and fulfilled. The answers were surprising. I found them in the very things that I suppressed and loathed about myself for the whole life. I dragged them out into the light, dusted them, and found ME. I saw how I can really be helpful to people. I saw the people that were waiting for me to help them. I saw how I could be of service in the way that no one else could.

And I felt what a happy journey it would be, no matter how hard and demanding.

I found my THING. Since then I established full time coaching practice with Russians all over the world. I coach businessmen, creatives and executives… I couldn't even dream about starting a conversation with them, and now they just come to me and ask for help.

I mentor other coaches, I speak, I develop training programs, I write, I inspire, and I know that I'm in the right place in life regardless of income, status and stuff.

So I analyzed what actually made it happen, and structured it into a systematic and clear approach that I call The THING. Now I'm willing to offer it to you, so that happiness and fulfillment becomes a part of your journey, no matter how challenging and bold.

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